1. Under following circumstances, which will attribute to certain discrepancy of measurement or design, the Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred.
    1. The expected installation position is changed after the Company’s measurements.
    2. Customer does not opt for the Company’s measurement service, and provide the product size him/herself.
    3. Customer fails to provide correct and complete information (including the size and shape of the items which is to be accommodated inside the product).
    4. Customer fails to remove all obstacles on the expected installation position before measurement service.
  2. Customer has to pay for the finishing for all furniture products except specific furniture and kitchen cabinets. Gaps of the product will appear if Customer does not wish to employ the finishing service.
  3. Under general circumstances, all hidden sides of the product (including the back, the edges of both sides and the back of finishing battens) are not covered by the same decorative materials.
  4. After detailed explanation from design specialists, Customer should also confirm all information of the design before signing off the final drawing(s), including but not limited to the design, size, color and material. Any queries or requirements should be raised before signing off by Customer. Once the design drawing is confirmed, the order will be entered production process and will not modify. Once the design drawing is confirmed, signing will enter the production process and it will not be modified.
  5. The manufacturing process may attribute to measurement discrepancies (width, depth or height) within +/- 10mm for wooden furniture, which is the normal range of the difference.
  6. The nature of materials, such as leather, wood pattern and color may attribute to differences between the product and the displayed item.
  7. Based on furniture structure required, other material such as plywood, MDF, solid wood and metal component will be added for additional reinforcement structure.