1. TMF provides 2-year metal accessories warranty and 20-year structural warranty to tailor-made furniture and kitchen cabinet.
  2. The structural warranty covers abnormal changes caused by structural manufacturing defects in material of wooden parts including cabinet body, door, door front, legs, frames, drawers and bedstead.
  3. The metal accessories warranty covers cabinet door hinges, drawer slides (without buffering), gas struts (8” or below), cabinet locks, basic screws, shelf supports, and clothes rails.
  4. For metal accessories or products outside the scope of maintenance that require replacement or repair, a separate quotation will be provided.
  5. This warranty does not cover:
    1. Glass accessories, knobs and handles, display items and products so specified on the sales memo.
    2. Damage caused by inappropriate use, storage; accidents; and normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, abnormal bending.
    3. Surface damages caused by external factors such as exposure to the sun, dampness, dust and mites.
    4. Products that have been assembled, repaired, dismantled, altered or relocated by an unauthorized party.
    5. Products that have been installed with sinks, taps, built-in hobs or electrical appliances that were not purchased from TMF.
    6. Products used for business purpose.
  6. Warranty period starts from the date of first delivery of the product. Customer is required to provide original sales memo.
  7. TMF shall examine the structural manufacturing defects of products as alleged by the customers. Free on-site inspection is provided in the first two years from the date of first delivery. An inspection fee of HK$500 (per visit) shall be charged from the third year onwards. Inspection fee shall be refunded if the products are under warranty.
  8. TMF shall determine in its sole discretion whether the claim is valid and repair the defective parts or replace it with a new one of the same or similar model and function. All decisions by TMF shall be final.
  9. The warranty period of the replacement product shall be the respective remaining balance of days from the date of first delivery.
  10. Any defective products replaced shall be returned to TMF.