1. Any tailor-made product is not subject to exchange or refund once the orders enter into the production process.
  2. Beside of the above Item no. 1, any promotional bonus such as free gifts, redeemed gifts, gift certificates, coupon or discounted items conditional upon the purchase of specific items, etc. must accompany the returned items for a refund. If Customer fails to return the promotional bonus or if the promotional bonus was used or damaged, Customer has to pay an equivalent amount as stipulated by the Company.
  3. Beside of the above Item no. 1, refund amount will be the sum paid by the Customer for the items less the fee charged (if any) for processing the return request and will be made to Customer in the form of the original payment or as decided by the Company. For credit card purchase, refund amount will be credited to the original credit card account used for the purchase. If Customer paid with coupons or complimentary gift certificates from the Company, the Company will not re-issue the coupons or gift certificates to Customer.