1. The customer may have or may in future be requested to supply personal information to TMF Company Limited (“Company”) relating to the customer, and in the carrying out of transactions and/or services, further information shall or may be collected by the Company (all such information is referred to as “data” in this statement).

2. Any failure by the customer to supply data may result in the Company being unable to continue to effect transactions and/or services.

3. The Company may provide data received from the customer to the following persons:-
(i) any other member of Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited (“CASH”);
(ii) any contractor, agent or service provider which provides administrative, data processing, financial, computer, telecommunications, payment, delivery, professional, after-sale or other services to any member of CASH or to any other person to whom data is passed;
(iii) any person with whom the Company enters into or proposes to enter into transaction on the customer’s behalf, or persons representing the same;
(iv) any business partner of any member of CASH; and
(v) governmental, regulatory or other bodies or institutions, whether as required by law, regulations applicable to any member of CASH, or otherwise.

4. The purposes for which the data provided by the customer from time to time may be used are:-
(i) giving effect to the transactions and/or services;
(ii) providing services in connection with the transactions including without limitation to delivery and after-sale services, whether the services are provided by or through, any member of CASH or any other person;
(iii) collection of amounts due to the Company or any member of CASH;
(iv) marketing existing and future services or products of any member of CASH or any of its business partners;
(v) conducting research on the customer when necessary;
(vi) forming part of the records of the persons or members of CASH to whom the data may be passed;
(vii) observing any legal, regulatory or other requirements to which any member of CASH or any other persons may be subject; and
(viii) other purposes relating or incidental to any one or more of the above.

5. Any member of CASH may use the data and supply the customer with information about other services or products of any member of CASH.

6. You have the right to:
(i) check whether the Company hold any of your Personal data;
(ii) access your Personal Data held by the Company;
(iii) require the Company to correct any Personal Data which is inaccurate;
(iv) ascertain our policies and practices (from time to time) in relation to Personal Data and the type of Personal data held by the Company;
(v) opt out from receiving information, offers and direct marketing materials from the Company and its associate companies by sending your request to us.
(vi) unsubscribe newsletter from the Company and its associate companies by clicking the unsubscribe link at the footer of the newsletter.

7. In accordance with the Ordinance, the Company have the right to charge you a reasonable fee for the processing any Personal Data access request. All requests for access to or correction of Personal Data or information regarding policies and practices and types of Personal Data held should be in writing and addressed to:
TMF Company Limited
Customer Service department
28/F, Manhattan Place, 23 Wang Tai Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Tel : 2663 8833